Kimberley Garner caught some sun and sea in Miami, looking stunning in her chic swimsuit.

In a striped ʙικιɴι, KIMBERLEY Garner sizzled as she played in the Miami water.

As she gallivanted throughout the Sunshine State, the model flaunted her incredible body.

In Miami, Kimberley Garner splashed in the water while wearing a striped ʙικιɴι.

As temperatures climbed in the southern state, she was spotted taking a break by going into the sea and paddling.

During some much-needed downtime on her vacation, the blonde stunner indulged in a neon cocktail and even carried it into the water with her.

The model showed off her sensational body as she gallivanted about in the Sunshine State

The 28-year-old telly star proved she was the perfect ambᴀssador for her Kimberley London swimwear line

The former MIC star was seen enjoying a cocktail on her vacation

Kimberley often shows off her incredible physique

The single star is looking for love


Kimberley is back on the market after splitting from her mystery ex in March last year.

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