Embark on a journey through time as we unveil neverbeforeseen snapsH๏τs of a youthful Angelina Jolie, offering a rare glimpse into her past.

Recently discovered pictures and written communications provide an exclusive insight into the life of Angelina Jolie before she became a renowned Hollywood actress. Obtained by DailyMail.com, these images and correspondences unveil a rare window into the past of the Academy Award winner during her adventurous teenage years in Beverly Hills. The Maleficent lead can be observed at the age of 14 in the pH๏τographs engaging in activities such as drinking with friends, eating pizza, relaxing in bed, and even posing in front of a cemetery. Jolie’s letters and postcards, addressed to her closest pals during her teenage years, reveal her raw honesty as she writes about her hangovers, attraction towards men, and tumultuous relationship with her family.

DailyMail.com has obtained never-before-seen pH๏τos of actress Angelina Jolie in her teenage years along with letters she wrote her closest friendsDailyMail.com has secured rare pH๏τographs of Angelina Jolie from her teenage years, along with the heartfelt letters she wrote to her closest friends. These never-before-seen images offer a unique glimpse into the Hollywood star’s formative years.

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A source close to Angie in her youth said she was a rebellious youngster who was 'anti-Beverly Hills'

As per an individual who was acquainted with Angie during her youthful days, she was a distinctive adolescent who harbored a deep dislike for Beverly Hills.

'We partied. We drank and smoked cigarettes and took acid,' and old friend of Angie's told DailyMail.com. 'We roamed about wherever we could get on the bus'

As per a previous acquaintance of Angie, they frequently indulged in partying, consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and even experimenting with acid. They would often roam around the town, hopping on buses to explore new places. The informant, who wishes to remain unidentified, shared some pH๏τographs and letters from their shared time at El Rodeo Middle School in Los Angeles.

The source, who provided the images and letters and has asked to remain anonymous, first met Angie when they both attended El Rodeo Middle School in Los Angeles, California

An undisclosed individual shared letters and pictures, revealing their close friendship with Angie during their years at El Rodeo Middle School in Los Angeles, California. The source affectionately described Angie as both eccentric and beautiful, with a fascination for the darker side of life. They explained that Angie was quite a rebel in her early teenage years, experimenting with alcohol, acid, and weed. However, they also highlighted her altruistic nature, stating she often lent money to friends and gave to the homeless. Even at just 14 years old, Angie couldn’t pᴀss by a homeless person without offering food or money and expressing her disdain for homelessness. The source emphasized that despite her rebellious spirit, Angie always had the means to be generous with her friends, and her anti-Beverly Hills persona was evident in her anarchist style of black clothing and smoking cigarettes. They added that the duo enjoyed partying and engaging in wild, boundary-pushing activities, such as standing up for bullied students. It’s no surprise that Angie has become such a prominent voice for refugees worldwide, given her past charitable inclinations and pᴀssion for advocating for those who are oppressed.

In one letter she wrote that she had met 'Mr Perfect.' 'I met Mr Perfect. I don't know his name, he's a great kisser, I'll never see him again!' she wrote. 'When I get back we'll have another one of those nights'

In a written message, she revealed that she had finally met her ideal partner. She enthusiastically described him as a perfect gentleman, but unfortunately, she did not get his name. According to her, he was an excellent kisser, and she couldn’t wait to see him again to reminisce on the unforgettable time they shared together.

In a series of postcards sent in 1989, 14-year-old Angie wrote to her friend about men she was attracted to. 'Nobody knows I like him but he said he wants to work with me,' she wrote. 'He's perfect, tall, thin, black hair, lives in a studio!'

During the year 1989, Angie, a 14-year-old girl, sent some postcards to her friend where she poured out her heart’s desire for the men she had a crush on. One of them caught her fancy, a tall, slender, black-haired man, residing in a studio. She found him perfect but kept her feelings under wraps from everyone. Nonetheless, he showed interest in working with her, which made her feel thrilled and optimistic.

Angie wrote about her birthday and how she was looking forward to spend time with her friend. 'Well another birthday. One for me...on for you. Are you 17 already? Where does the time go?' she wrote

Angie was thrilled to be celebrating her birthday with her dear friend. As they marked another year, she couldn’t help but wonder if her friend had already turned 17 and marveled at how quickly time had flown by.

She discussed her dysfunctional relationship with her family, writing 'I wish I was going somewhere. New York doesn't count. I'd rather lay naked in a pit full of red ants than go visit my relatives'

During a sincere chat, she revealed her strained relationship with her family. She expressed her longing to flee and relocate somewhere else, admitting that even the vibrant atmosphere of New York City cannot lure her in. She made light of the situation by saying she would rather endure the agony of being undressed in a hole overflowing with crimson ants than spend quality time with her kin.

In another post card to her friends in August 1989, she wrote about being on an airplane. 'Hello I just got my period can you believe this. It's just my luck,' she wrote. 'Ive been on this plane now for 3 hours and going mad!'

Back in August of ’89, she wrote a postcard to her pals detailing her flight experience. She expressed her disappointment at having just started her period during the flight and grumbled about being stuck on the plane for three hours. Her irritation was palpable as she felt like she was going crazy.

Angie pondered about the meaning of life in one letter from 1991, written when she was 16. 'Nothing much ever changes!!,' she wrote. 'When you think about it nothing stays the same. Thank God!'

Back in 1991, when Angie was just 16 years old, she wrote a letter about the ever-changing nature of life. Despite the constant flux, she found a strange comfort in the fact that nothing ever truly changes. Two years prior, at the age of 14, Angie wrote series of postcards to her friend detailing her romantic interests. One of these postcards detailed her thoughts on a pH๏τographer who seemed perfect to her in every way except for the possibility of being gay. In another, she talked about a mysterious stranger whom she called Mr Perfect and shared a memorable kiss with. However, in a letter from the same year, Angie complained about a hangover. According to a source, Angie’s mother allowed her to take birth control and even let her boyfriend stay in her room, which Angie didn’t approve of. Despite her mother’s wishes, Angie stood her ground, refusing to sleep with her boyfriend and flushing the pills down the drain. The source mentioned how Angie’s strong-willed and resilient nature had been evident since they first met when she was just 13 years old.

The source claimed that Angie's mother Marcheline Bertrand, who pᴀssed away at the age of 56, arranged for her daughter to take birth control at 15, to Angie's annoyance

Angie's relationship with her famous dad Jon Voight, now 81, was very strained after he cheated on Marcheline

As per a report, Angie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who unfortunately pᴀssed away at the age of 56, took steps for her daughter to begin birth control at the young age of fifteen, but this decision did not go down well with Angie. Also, Angie had a strained relationship with her father, Jon Voight, as he allegedly cheated on Marcheline.

The source said, 'She was always a wonderful person and we had a wonderful friendship. People don't realize that she was always charitable, wild but charitable. I hadn't seen her one time for six months and she gave me money'

An unnamed source revealed that the individual in reference was an exceptional person and had a strong connection with the source. The source added that not many people knew about their generous nature, which was balanced with their outgoing character. The source also shared a personal encounter where they hadn’t seen each other for six months, but upon meeting again, the individual kindly offered financial help.

The source added that Angie was attracted to the dark side and dreamed of becoming a funeral director and even took a course in embalming

As per the source, Angie had a keen interest in things that were slightly eerie and wished to pursue a career as a funeral director. She was so pᴀssionate about this profession that she even signed up for a course where she learned the art of embalming corpses.

Angie is seen posing in front of a cemetery as a teen. Her childhood friend said she was always interested in death and suicide

During her teenage years, Angie had a fascination with death and suicide, as evidenced by a pH๏τo of her in front of a cemetery. Her friend from childhood claimed that this was not surprising, as it was a topic that had always interested her. Angie’s mother, Marcheline, was seen as a “cool mom” who allowed her daughter and friends to drink at their home to ensure their safety. However, Angie’s relationship with her father, Jon Voight, became strained after he cheated on Marcheline. According to sources, Angie was so upset with him that she threw the computer he had given her out of her bedroom window. In a letter, Angie expressed her strong dislike for visiting her relatives in New York, stating that she would rather be naked in a pit of red ants than spend time with them.

The future actress is seen as a teen lounging on a couch surrounded by friends as they ate pizza and drank beers

In this picture, the young female artist is seen relaxing on a couch with a bunch of friends, enjoying some delicious pizza and sipping on some chilled drinks. The snapsH๏τ captures a moment from her earlier days.

'She tried to do the things that were wild, that were anti-Beverly Hills. We dressed in black and thought we were anarchists,' the source said

As per a source, she tried to participate in non-traditional activities that went against the typical behavior of the Beverly Hills community. These included dressing in all black and identifying as rebels.

Angie is seen in the right corner of this pH๏τo sitting at a table full of beer bottles with friends

Angie can be seen in the picture enjoying some quality time with her pals. They are seated at a table on the right corner, surrounded by numerous beer bottles.

Angie went on to become an award-winning and world famous actress and a mother to six children. But the star never turned her back on her unconventional upbringing

Although Angie had an unusual upbringing, she managed to become a highly acclaimed actress and a loving mother of six children, all while staying true to her authentic self. However, she always had a fascination with death and the darker aspects of life. This interest led her to take a course in embalming from home, and she often spent time in cemeteries. Her curiosity extended to suicide and the meaning of existence, as evidenced by a letter she wrote at the age of 16. Alongside her acting career, Angie also enjoyed a successful stint as a model, but her agency pressured her to lose weight, despite her already slender figure. Despite her success and fame, Angie never forgot her punk roots and remained down-to-earth, as she shared in an interview with Vogue.

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